I can’t be the only one

I can’t be the only one that trys to make the internet and computers work but keeps getting tangled in problems.  Right now I cannot mail out.


What does that mean it means what i set out to do will have to wait, and I will have to find away not to feel guilty for my lack of progress in a class I am attempting to take. 


There is always an update, there is always an app, there is always something beyond my understanding I would like for changes to stop coming, there seems to be a bug in every progressive option.

my ipad refuses to register  under my name which means books I have purchased will not load. really my ipad is listed under my husband’s name!

yet I do feel responsible, like I should have put more effort into undersanding the whole set up, sometimes I have felt like I was getting somewhere and the understanding was do able. Then suddenly mail goes down then ipad gets locked then email will not go out time consuming and irritation replace the productivety I was hoping for. 

Is it me is it the operating system, is it a server problem ,

Open for comments!

I am like a store opening it doors for the first time.  I would love to illicit responses at least I think I would.  It is a little like aniticipating a child learning to express themselves forgetting some of the incredibly honest things children can say.

One of the challenges I have set for myself it to bring visual images and words together in a symbiotic manner. Symbiotic is not quite the right word here it is not esoteric enought.

For now the effort and conscentration it takes just to write a worthy blog entry is challenging enought.ImageImage

What is Art

  • Art is a expression not hampered by words, not housed in a particular nation, not entrenched in one culture, not bought by economic advantage, not invented by colleges or teachers 

  1. Art is a passion not to be denied! Art is recorded in our dna! Art is not time sensitive Not lateral or vertical not first or last. Artist, charged with the responsibilty of using then breaking the rules subject to interpetation, critique  still thriving despite challenge and change.
  2. Art is not fine, not commercial not disqualified as craft not subject to usefullness. Not made to exist arcival like stone, 
  3. Art is anguish, ellation, Art is a fingerprint not the same different yet holding the thread bringing the ages to the moment recorded yet fragile but a testimony to our very existance.

Art cannot be forced or legislated!

  1. Art can bring beauty in places where life is hard. Going underground where graffiti was born. 
  2. Commings and going breathing in, then out then, in then out!Art can be born and die in the same moment! 
  3. Art is unqualifiable, some say subjective, I say suspend judgement expressions are  not always understood in an instant, taste takes time to cultivate the mind takes time to grow. First mere tolerance than love and acceptance. Do not dismiss Art it is not to be underestimated it’s value sometimes a mystery other times a revelation a delightful and liberating. Artist need their audience don’t be fooled we put it up on walls to be viewed.  Appreciation helps fuel the passion. 
  4. An artwork can take a minute an hour but adds up to a lifetime in the moment an eternity without end as we know it!
  5. Art Is the om in the universe the light the one 
  6. Creater meets creation and become one with the universe we thought we were talking to each other only to find the angels listening and wispering ideas gleaned from the Jesuses the buddhas and the mohammeds 
  • While looking at the skys and the moonlight all we can do is take notes.
sprinkled, dripped, cut, pasted nailed thrown or put down dot by dot
  1. We do our best to express our small little action an invention with but one prerequisite. One must be alive in the moment!

Keep Moving

imageKeep moving! Great advice from my ninety year old mother in law. A good mantra like  JUST DO IT! Keep trucking. It does help to push myself forward .Even getting to a satifactory starting position is not without challenges I wonder how many bloggers got a copy off their printer that was written in reverse.  Being dyslexic does not make reading reverse copy easier to read.

Still I am not giving up.  The picture off to the side is two of my grandchildren getting along well even if just for a moment.  The whole weekend they did not do well as one can see one is thicker than the other still they found their groove.  One could say to little to late or one could say if a moment is possible so to is a whole weekend of getting along.  

Watching the interplay is very enlightening a great example of just about anything attempted. Hard in the beginning hopefully easier with practice. Saying it is the journey not the destination is woefully shallow in my view I want both.  A good journey and a satisfying result.

Learning how to use this blog has been challenging maybe because I am dyslexic or maybe it is just not easy for anyone to write and engaging blog consistantly.

I would really like the visual to meet the prose in what I am attempting so that means I will have to bring both written and visual expressions together.

We must raise the bar.

Maybe I haven’t been looking in the right places but I am not finding enough positive women to women writing out there.   

a blogger that must keep writing!

Erstwhile Luddite

I’ve been hearing pundits from all corners defend the secrecy of the congressional “super committee” that is meeting to make fast-track recommendations on how to find $1.5 trillion. The reason that these elected representatives have to meet in the dark, they explain, is that otherwise they won’t be willing to buck the party line on raising taxes (from the Republican side) or on cutting entitlements (from the Democratic side). According to this logic, they can’t possibly reach an agreement if the people are watching because they will be too worried about their re-elections to act in good faith.

To which I reply: really?

So we are going to let them meet in secret because they don’t have enough backbone to meet in light of day? Don’t you think that if we can’t trust them to say what they really think in the open, that they are exactly the sort of…

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You found me now how about some feedback!

I have been writing this blog for a long time but connecting has been complicated or maybe I am just shy. I do not pretend to be an ace blogger I just want to connect in a letter writing way to people who might have an interest in following an artist forever emerging. 

I can identify with others that have had difficulty for one reason or another in using the internet I feel at least today that it has been worth the effort.  I would like to encourage others not to listen to those naysayers who would have you believe one must be perfect before they go public. 

I plan to give my best effort but without a proofreader I am just going to storm a head.