imageKeep moving! Great advice from my ninety year old mother in law. A good mantra like  JUST DO IT! Keep trucking. It does help to push myself forward .Even getting to a satifactory starting position is not without challenges I wonder how many bloggers got a copy off their printer that was written in reverse.  Being dyslexic does not make reading reverse copy easier to read.

Still I am not giving up.  The picture off to the side is two of my grandchildren getting along well even if just for a moment.  The whole weekend they did not do well as one can see one is thicker than the other still they found their groove.  One could say to little to late or one could say if a moment is possible so to is a whole weekend of getting along.  

Watching the interplay is very enlightening a great example of just about anything attempted. Hard in the beginning hopefully easier with practice. Saying it is the journey not the destination is woefully shallow in my view I want both.  A good journey and a satisfying result.

Learning how to use this blog has been challenging maybe because I am dyslexic or maybe it is just not easy for anyone to write and engaging blog consistantly.

I would really like the visual to meet the prose in what I am attempting so that means I will have to bring both written and visual expressions together.