Hearts And Minds Rule

I am tired of trump and all his cronies I thought this country was past him and people like him

Truth is they were there invisible in crevices all along

Waiting confined least they be stepped on by actual thinkers

Welcoming climate change offering no hope

Sinking selfishly into the quicksand of greed not realizing the circle they made would soon grow big enough to encompass them

Then the servants all immigrants for no one really has the right to withhold the land to sell the rights to water leave the 1%

LEFT without attention they shrivel like raisins

In the sun there is a new beginning were the least we do is enjoy the privilege of shared humanity

Our parched lips drink it in like a new thought never having crossed our minds we are liberated from the pinky finger believing its scrawny digit could defeat us

We only had to use our minds

I am sorry

I am sorry. I love you. I understand that I hurt you. I wish I never did. I don’t do it on purpose and I lose control. I feel bad when I do. When it feels like I am trying to hurt you I’m not I’m just trying to protect myself from getting hurt, hurting you in the process is not intentional. I don’t think that makes it hurt any less, and it is a sucky way to try to protect myself. Please know that I love you.

Right From The Dali Lama

The self cherishing attitude makes us very uptight, we think we are extremely important, and our basic desire is for ourselves to be happy and for things to go well for us. Yet we don’t know how to bring this about. In fact, acting out of self cherishing can never make us happy.


I am posting this in an effort to remember what I consider to be a guiding principle in my own mindfulness. This one statement always calms me and allows me to turn the page.IMG_3603


A Worthy Challenge For 2018

I really need to develop the ability to describe strong emotion in the artwork I do. Why because I feel completely incapable of polite chit chat at this time. I am pretty sure I am not the only one. Having a real human connection at this time with any person I don’t know well feels so ¬†perilous.

So the best thing I can do is art.



Time to get off the pity pot

Being angry at WordPress for being complex and unclear has not been a good look for me. I am writing this blog with the intent to connect the world doesn’t need me to be a negative Mary.

  1. The majority of the population is not dyslexic.
  2. It is important to maintain and build strengths.
  3. I enjoy writing and reading and I want to enjoy reading my own posts.
  4. If I cannot be an inspiration I can at least do my best to hold my own and realize ultimately I am the mover and shaker in my own life.
  5. I enjoy doing art and resolve not to beat myself up if my art does not measure up to my own expectations or that of others.


I just renewed my Forever Artzone.com site hopefully with renewal I will interest new readers.  I really enjoy the fellowship of bloggers and artist /fellow creatives and the audience that enjoys sharing observations and aquired knowelge.

I do not enjoy living in a vacumn I am not happy being a fallen tree I also want to feel heard. Let me know if you found me I need to find my muse?


  • The truth is