You found me now how about some feedback!

I have been writing this blog for a long time but connecting has been complicated or maybe I am just shy. I do not pretend to be an ace blogger I just want to connect in a letter writing way to people who might have an interest in following an artist forever emerging. 

I can identify with others that have had difficulty for one reason or another in using the internet I feel at least today that it has been worth the effort.  I would like to encourage others not to listen to those naysayers who would have you believe one must be perfect before they go public. 

I plan to give my best effort but without a proofreader I am just going to storm a head.



3 thoughts on “You found me now how about some feedback!

  1. Mary,

    If we waited for perfection we would all be paralyzed. The great thing about blogs is that you are writing to an audience that is there by choice. No one has to follow you that doesn’t want to. I write a blog too, but I’m wordy so I aim at writing a slightly longer post once a month. I write for the same reason you do, in the hope that sharing my journey will be of use to others with the same path in mind. I say ‘Go for it.’


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