Uncertainties as I move forward

I am learning a lot about the technology that I am using or at least I think I am .  I want to write a blog but I do not want to cause problems with the family computer.  I worry about downloading something that unloads unwanted 3rd party applications and plugings.  I do enjoy the challenge inherint in learning how to use this weblog it feels good  to exchange information with my stepson who is brillant he has worked for adobe and now he is working for another Tech company. I asked him to explain the terminology .

What he told me might sink in slowly but I needed to know what was what for risk management I don’t chances that cause problems with my computer. So I read the manual that came along with the computer that we have.  It was very helpful still there are some major questions unanswered.

Since there are so many things one could do to enhance a weblog that is compelling almost too compelling it could be said that the plugins and add ons could be construed as distraction being an understament.  Or maybe even an attractive nusicence .  Why would I say this ?  Freeware takes it for granted that a user could get spamed I guess they onlike me know how to fix problems like that.  I just want to learn to write effectively and be comfortable with blogging. I will make my best effort but I need to aquire good writing skills.  More importantly I need to write consistently in order to find a voice and topics that mean something to me and I hope those that know me or will know me.

lost my first post who would guess!

Not to be deterred I will post the whole thing as I remember it again.  I have found it almost impossible to blog on this site but luckily I received help from wordpress assistants. (Thank you) It is true I could just write a journal but I think it would be better to connect with other people.  I am an artist, I have moved and I am trying to put things in a positive perspective.  The sites I have enjoyed have been facebook, flickr, and delicious.

I take huge amounts of pictures I will endeavor to download some of them here can’t promise anything lets see how easy it is.  I do have another blog but it was all done for me. Who knew I wanted another challenge you would think I had enough. I did lose the first post I keep thinking it is hiding around the corner.

One of the sites I found interesting was second life but when I tried to move around I found myself looking up at my avatar (which did not look like me at all) form below my feet.  Hmmm! I thought this is going to be time consuming and I had to ask myself it would be fair to tie up the computer like that or if I wanted to sit in-front of the computer that long.  Besides the erie factor of such a sims type site.  There was alot I did not know but I felt good closing the door on all those possibilities.  I have other things to explore and learn in the cyberworld.   So with supper cooking and with hopes of not losing this post I will end my first real blog.   MNsleeping bueaty This is our sleeping beauty