• Art is a expression not hampered by words, not housed in a particular nation, not entrenched in one culture, not bought by economic advantage, not invented by colleges or teachers 

  1. Art is a passion not to be denied! Art is recorded in our dna! Art is not time sensitive Not lateral or vertical not first or last. Artist, charged with the responsibilty of using then breaking the rules subject to interpetation, critique  still thriving despite challenge and change.
  2. Art is not fine, not commercial not disqualified as craft not subject to usefullness. Not made to exist arcival like stone, 
  3. Art is anguish, ellation, Art is a fingerprint not the same different yet holding the thread bringing the ages to the moment recorded yet fragile but a testimony to our very existance.

Art cannot be forced or legislated!

  1. Art can bring beauty in places where life is hard. Going underground where graffiti was born. 
  2. Commings and going breathing in, then out then, in then out!Art can be born and die in the same moment! 
  3. Art is unqualifiable, some say subjective, I say suspend judgement expressions are  not always understood in an instant, taste takes time to cultivate the mind takes time to grow. First mere tolerance than love and acceptance. Do not dismiss Art it is not to be underestimated it’s value sometimes a mystery other times a revelation a delightful and liberating. Artist need their audience don’t be fooled we put it up on walls to be viewed.  Appreciation helps fuel the passion. 
  4. An artwork can take a minute an hour but adds up to a lifetime in the moment an eternity without end as we know it!
  5. Art Is the om in the universe the light the one 
  6. Creater meets creation and become one with the universe we thought we were talking to each other only to find the angels listening and wispering ideas gleaned from the Jesuses the buddhas and the mohammeds 
  • While looking at the skys and the moonlight all we can do is take notes.
sprinkled, dripped, cut, pasted nailed thrown or put down dot by dot
  1. We do our best to express our small little action an invention with but one prerequisite. One must be alive in the moment!