I can’t be the only one that trys to make the internet and computers work but keeps getting tangled in problems.  Right now I cannot mail out.


What does that mean it means what i set out to do will have to wait, and I will have to find away not to feel guilty for my lack of progress in a class I am attempting to take. 


There is always an update, there is always an app, there is always something beyond my understanding I would like for changes to stop coming, there seems to be a bug in every progressive option.

my ipad refuses to register  under my name which means books I have purchased will not load. really my ipad is listed under my husband’s name!

yet I do feel responsible, like I should have put more effort into undersanding the whole set up, sometimes I have felt like I was getting somewhere and the understanding was do able. Then suddenly mail goes down then ipad gets locked then email will not go out time consuming and irritation replace the productivety I was hoping for. 

Is it me is it the operating system, is it a server problem ,