Not to be deterred I will post the whole thing as I remember it again.  I have found it almost impossible to blog on this site but luckily I received help from wordpress assistants. (Thank you) It is true I could just write a journal but I think it would be better to connect with other people.  I am an artist, I have moved and I am trying to put things in a positive perspective.  The sites I have enjoyed have been facebook, flickr, and delicious.

I take huge amounts of pictures I will endeavor to download some of them here can’t promise anything lets see how easy it is.  I do have another blog but it was all done for me. Who knew I wanted another challenge you would think I had enough. I did lose the first post I keep thinking it is hiding around the corner.

One of the sites I found interesting was second life but when I tried to move around I found myself looking up at my avatar (which did not look like me at all) form below my feet.  Hmmm! I thought this is going to be time consuming and I had to ask myself it would be fair to tie up the computer like that or if I wanted to sit in-front of the computer that long.  Besides the erie factor of such a sims type site.  There was alot I did not know but I felt good closing the door on all those possibilities.  I have other things to explore and learn in the cyberworld.   So with supper cooking and with hopes of not losing this post I will end my first real blog.   MNsleeping bueaty This is our sleeping beauty