Requires time as well as research if only to establish what kind of mutual interest I might have with others.

Me/The Rest of the world trying and writing.

On my mind today are why did the Doctor tell me to get an ultrasound then have an office person call me to set up an appointment to discuss results. I am like an old Car I have a list of concerns I thought that my teeth and my knee were the most important on my list. I feel like a full time job of maintenance. This new thing is not welcome. I have other things more fun and less ominous to think about. I was listening to the Dali Lamas Cat it is to difficult to multi task so I can only hope to remember to go back to listen. I hope that whatever mystery discovered will not make other concerns more concerning.

I regret not taking better care of myself paying more attention to what I eat or finding out if taking naproxen could affect my liver. In the meantime it’s a waiting game. One week!