Why do we make things so hard for ourselves?  We put things in places were they will not easily be found .  We put things on top shelves that constantly fall down.  We build nest of messes that offend us and take increasingly longer times to dismantle and fix why oh! Why are we so hard on ourselves?

Once my husband and I decided to come up with a housekeeping method we wrote all the chores on index cards now what do you think happened? The grand plan failed us miserably because our plan kept us busy day and night.  We cleaned, we attempted to organized, and eventually we gave up the plan and did chores as they were needed. We haven’t inflicted a plan on ourselves in the last twenty years.  Now is the time to try again but change the players in the game.

The answer to our problem is a  housekeeper/organizer to help us get rid of things not worthy of keeping. Putting a limit of like items that need no repeating if you own many rulers but cannot find one when needed one placed well makes better sense.  Its great to be green and recycle but kicking cloth grocery bags out of our way is  a waste of time and money bunched up in a corner one begins to remember at least plastic was smaller. One only needs so many beer bottle cozies,and water bottles. Unless you can use paper towelling and toilet paper as furniture storage gets to be a problem. Who wants a house that looks like a warehouse. What is really meant by storage if something is stationary is it storage or garbage.  Media keeps changing how much needs to be kept for backup. I never thought my problem would be having to much I always worried about not having enought. I do not want to be a slave to possessions.  Old leather coats should not be thrown away but they are a great donation. Having missed countless pickup dates for deserving not profits it is clear we need to drop off our annoying excesses. Baby toys bore the heck out of grandchildren why do we still have them. I think if someone keeps a clean house that is orderly they deserve to be congratulated and certainly not taken for granted.  Yes, I could do it and I have been trying however this mess is gaining. We suck at cleaning now let’s see if we will do better at maintaining and let the professionals help us.

When things are clean they stay cleaner when they are messy they just get messier. I want to keep things that having meaning and I want there to be a diserable difference between keepsake and mistake.