I am always trying to improve the work I do.  I don’t expect to write riveting blogs or make real witty posts.  My effort is in keeping in touch on the most human and informal level. Most people that find this blog probably know me or have met me in person.  I like that!  If you don’t know me read the old posts and you will.

So here is my new post in my renewed site. If you like to read someone struggling read me.  I have to keep putting one foot in front of the other the fact that I keep posting is a testimony to the fact that I keep trying.  Standby for improvements but please don’t hold your breath for bells and whistles.

There are times when I lapse but I promise I will always come back.

I am here because I need  to be present I need another dimension to show the art work I do.  I’ m  creative and I need a venue.

WordPress has to be the place to connect I hope it is also the place to show my work. We will see ? It is my hope that  being renewed also means being more accessible. By that I mean if you came to see my artwork you can find it no problem . If you amazingly came to read my blog that you find what you want there as well.

If anyone thinks I am writing this in an environment conducive to writing I have to say that what you don’t know is I live in the house of distraction. The t.v. is always on there is always a sound that is grit tingly present. Always to loud !

My family has no scruples and will bug me no matter what may even push me off the computer or ask me to search for things on costco or find the answers to family trivia, not terrible if it is something for myself questions about where the toilet paper is no so welcome but must be answered as well.

Here is the question would I have it any other way the answer is probably not. I believe I need to be distracted to pay attention!

Today I went to Sugar Mountain. Really that is what I did what did I find.  Things I loved, hats, I listened to Ed Wright a very nice Gentleman. He bought gloves  made by hand scarves jewelry a piece so touching it made me cry (that is the present for my best friend). Music, food, popcorn was disappointing this year. I met a woman named SKY a  bueatiful name and she was a bueatiful mature woman with a great presence.  I will have to paint what I can remember of her a 2 second mtg. to last a lifetime. She reminded me that bueaty is ageless.