Grandmary going public

This blog can only get better right!  It is not easy to have a blog that satifies me.  I am working on it and practice makes perfect.   I don’t believe word that I have a blog is really out there!  but that is okay.  When I have something I am okay with I will share it all around.

My family will be first! Ya you! feedback is appreciated along with a link to your blog !. Kidding, still  if you have one  please share!

It is my hope that my brother makes it here! I have hopes that we can share experiences along with a visual get up and go!

Enough about me there is a great artist and blog writer her name is Rice Midland

I encourage artist to check her out!  She is a woman after my own


One thought on “Grandmary going public

  1. Your Artwork brings out a deep innocense, (the displayed Heart) portrails from heartache within that turns to happiness. ( this is my personal obsevation) From: S. Moves W/love & suport. 04/2012


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