So what am I doing on Word press? Have I formulated the perfect idea? Will I write the perfect blog? If I did that would not be me.  I am a struggler I try even when I do not know the outcome.

Who am I, I am an artist now and forever more.  Now is the time when I can get serious about expressing myself creatively.  I have worked as an art facilitator and enjoyed it however it is so labor intensive I think I will try to keep the art advocate in check.  If I do work with a group I think it will be to illustrate what I believe which is creative expression is not an elective it is a necessity for communication.

There is no special itinerary here I plan to post what I like the most what I am concerned with.

I am interested in digital photography, in painting and drawing. Knitting and beading I love the art of children I will post some of my granddaughters.

I want feedback on my postings. Respectfully Mary Nelson