WordPress Kiss My Ass

I have tried for years to create a site that I could share on facebook and with my family a site where I could show my artwork and my digital photography. I thought WordPress was a good place to attempt this.

Here is what I have found everytime I pay for one thing there is another element that cost more money. I have worked with the Happiness chat people until today when I was told the person I was working with was at the end of her shift? I will be able to start over with another Happiness chat person. I paid for the name of my blog not to vanish into oblivion. I paid for premium membership which I found out does not include premium themes. I have lost drafts typed into my blog site I have even lost themes I have been lead by the Happiness chat people to the point that I have no idea where I am  .

Just because I am dyslexic should not be a reason to give up right? How much of this do I attribute to my being L.D. or is this just another trip down an opportunistic dirty calculated avenue. There are no street sighs in this town how many times will I be mugged along the way?


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